Cheltenham Wargaming Association

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The Cheltenham Wargaming Association was formed in the 1970s

and currently has around a dozen members



Malburian Era French Cavalry

We mostly meet up on an informal basis in member's homes with games being arranged via the Yahoo! message board (see link below).

The scope of our games range from earliest times; when the King of the Sumerians, about to saddle up, first uttered those immortal words "does my onager look big in this?"   to the future and beyond ...


Members can be contacted by logging on to the CWA Yahoo! message board:




Click to check out some of the things we get up to;


El Alamein  -  A Flames of War campaign with added Naval gazing and real reports from the Front.

Mission Improbable  -  An alternative Flames of War Mission.

The Road To Messina  -  The Club's infamous Rapid Fire! Sicily campaign.

Beyond The Golden Gate  -  Ancients pairs competition.





roll them sixes"Intelligence and war are games, perhaps the only meaningful games left." Brian wins a giant FoW tankWilliam Burroughs

Prize Giving Day (Brian wins again)

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