Ancients Team Competition


Steve B organised a 25/28mm Warhammer Ancient Battles

pairs competition for armies from the Beyond The Golden Gate army lists


Three of the battles are described below;


 Bob & Steve H vs Brian & Mark

By Steve the Just In(ian)


The WAB campaign opened with a battle between Rus (Brian & Mark) and Byzantines (Bob & Steve). The Rus fielded the fearsome Malaia Druzhina and Varjazi, a large unit of crossbowmen, some javelin armed skirmishers and two units of rather suspicious looking light cavalry*. The Byzantines had two heavy and one light cavalry unit, one unit of Skutatoi, two units of archers, and an allied German cavalry unit. The Byzantines started by advancing up the middle whilst the Rus advanced on both flanks. The Druzhina charged the archers to their front, but having failed to make contact when their target fled off the table, ended up half way between the Comitatus and the German Cavalry.


With the Rus getting closer, the Byzantines decided to get physical. A Comitatus charge to the front and German charge to the rear failed to breakByzantines the Druzhin, thanks to the intervention of the commanding general. The Bucellarii charged the skirmishers to their front, scattering them to the four winds and crashing into the front of the Varjazi wedge behind. The Byzantine light cavalry chased the Rus tribal cavalry backwards, but lost a couple of figures in the process. In the Rus turn, the Black hoods charged the rear of the Germans, making a strange sandwich in the middle of the field. This combat bogged down with little advantage either way. The Bucellarii attacking the Varjazi wedge inflicted massive damage as they broke and were ridden down as the Bucellarii swept into the tribal light cavalry behind them. In the battle of the sandwich the Byzantine cavalry performance sagged and the Comitatus were defeated causing the Germans to break back towards their camp. The nearby archers panicked (with some justification) leaving only the Skutatoi standing fast on the right. Worse was to follow�. the Tribal Light cavalry fired and fled, killing two Bucellarii. It seemed to some that their shots went right through the heavy armour and barding. Was Belisarius just having an off day, or did he suspect foul play from the tribal cavalry�s strange attire and the crack of their Winchester repeaters? Whatever was the cause, he turned and ran, taking the Bucellarii and the Byzantine light cavalry with him.


* A cock up on the army supply front meant the Club's Apache warriors made an unexpected appearance.





Chris & Mick vs Brian & Mark

By Mark 'the Farleys' Rus


For their second battle the Rus came up against the Heraclian Byzantines. The battlefield had a large marsh on the left and a village on the right. After deployment the light troops and skirmishers move before the first turn. The Varjazi surprising the opposition by also advancing, being as they were mounted infantry. The enemy heavy cavalry moved towards the Varjazi, their Huns advanced towards the Druzhina and the light infantry occupied the village. Our infantry skirmishers advanced along with the Varjazi and nomad cavalry. The Druzhina cleared the village, on horseback. The archers and nomad cavalry fired on the heavy cavalry forcing a test which they failed, followed by the Huns. The Huns, moving as swiftly as if rumour a sale of furry hats and large slacks had reached them scurry off the table. The enemy infantry start their slow rumble forward along just as their General decides to flee off the table along with the Foederati because of the amount of casualties caused by firing. The infantry releasise the game is nearly up and halt their advance


The Varjazi infantry advance towards the side of the infantry (knowing that they don't like it up �em). The Rus skirmishers also move within charging distance of the infantry. The nomad cavalry move to the opposite side of the infantry, boxing them in and shouting that their mother is a hamster and their father smells of elderberries (or is it the other way round?). Surrender is the only option leading to a 10-0 victory to the Rus. Seriously, though, we would like to thank the opposing Generals for the game, which proves it doesn't matter how good your tactics are, when the dice god goes down the pub and leave you to throw low when you need high, and high when you need low, it makes the opposition feel slightly embarrassed (well a teeny weeny bit anyway).





GAME 3 Chris & Mick vs Bob & Steve H

By Take The Mick  (the money, the kids, but don't take my dice!)


Justinian pensioners take their revenge on the Heraclians. Following their Rus hour beating, the Heraclian Magister led his troops back to Constantinople. Little did he realise that a Justinian army, also defeated by the Rus, were taking the same route. Both armies were looking for a way to reclaim some honour and it wasn't long before they faced each other in battle array. After some time it became clear that neither side was going to back down; both armies started to advance ready to do battle. Three Cavalry units in the centre this worried the Heraclian Magister. But still, he decided to continue the advance whilst ordering the Huns to the right flank to cause some mischief.


In the next move the Isurians charged the Justinian archers in the woods who promptly upped sticks and fled. Not surprisingly the Isaurians didn't have the cardiovascular ability to catch them and were left exposed in the open. The remaining Heraclian missile troops caused a few minor casualties but nothing too significant. Not surprisingly the Justinian army was not duly over concerned with the events so far and sent their light cavalry to clear up the Isaurians. This had the effect of causing the fearless (or clueless!) Isaurians to form a screen between both sets of heavy Cavalry. Meanwhile the Skuatatoi turned to face the light cavalry whilst the solenarion armed troops and Huns continued to harass the Justinian Skuatatoi as archers left the field of battle for a swift half at the Queen Vick.


The way was now clear for the Bucellari and Comitatus to charge the Heraclian Bucellari and Foederati. These units decided to face the charge, with the benefit of hindsight not their best decision. Following an initial round of combat the Magister and his cavalry fled the field leaving the remnants of his army to save the day. The Huns and solenarion archers finally got to the Levy Sukutatoi who having suffered significant losses decided to retire for tea. With the Magister having swiftly left the field the remaining forces knew they were in trouble things rapidly went down hill (to the Woolpack) and the Heraclian army suffer another defeat (although not quite as quickly as with the Rus).




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